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GDPR Cookie Scan

Why is a cookie scanner important according to the European GDPR law?

Place cookies after permission

Within the GDPR legislation it is mandatory to ask a visitor for permission before placing so-called marketing or tracking cookies. Many websites contain a cookie notice, but what is not clear to everyone is that those cookies may not be placed before the visitor has given explicit permission. And that is exactly why Cookie Maestro was born!

Different cookie types

Cookies can be roughly divided into a number of categories, namely: Functional, Analytical and Marketing cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the operation of your website. For example, to remember the products in your shopping basket.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are cookies that collect statistics. Note: The standard implementation of Google Analytics, for example, is not permitted without permission!

Marketing cookies

Marketing automation, Facebook pixel, Twitter tweets are examples of marketing cookies. The cookies of these systems can never be placed without permission!

Cookie Maestro scans your website

Cookie Maestro searches for all cookies that your website places in your visitors browser. This scan takes an average of fifteen minutes to an hour (depending on the number of pages), after which you see which cookies are placed in one overview. Cookie Maestro can place this list of cookies on your website in an automatic generated and up-to-date Cookie Statement.
But Cookie Maestro can do much more!

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